Our Values and History

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Our Values

  • Power with; not over people is our mantra.
  • We work with respect & dignity for all parties.
  • Meet you where you are; not where WE want you to be. 
  • Working WITH you as a companion. We do not do things TO you.
  • We work with you on “Wellbeing” for individuals, teams and the organisation.
  • We hand over the fishing rod not just the fish – we nurture independence and interdependence.
  • We work with you actively to remove system aspects that demotivate people.
  • We stand with you in the thick and thin of this difference and conflict.
  • We engage and co create to transform the enervation to energising.
  • We energise people and organisations; we identify enervation.
  • A commitment to your on-going development.
  • Good for you, us, them and the environment.

About Stephen Hanman

Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

Stephen provides an insightful, warm, humorous, engaging and deeply pragmatic style to his presenting and keynotes. His new offers include,

Business with an I Witness

Shift Happens!

WePlay-life without masks

Human Up!

incorporates different apsects of his disruptive book, From Me to We:Design and Build Collaborative Workplaces and his organisational experiences since then.

Stephen has presented at over 100 conferences across Australia, NZ, UK and USA. This has included Keynotes, Workshops and as an MC.  Since 2004 he has presented on a range of topics like Change Management and Culture in the 21st Century, Next Stage Leadership and Organisations, his pioneering work around Collaborative Practice and the Move from Indepence to Interdependence.

In the 90s and early 2000s his presentation topics were about his award winning Benchmarking Success. He spoke across Australia and elsewhere regularly and his popular journey into World Class, provided a fun filled fascinating journey into change management, key performance indicators and best practices.

As Vince Aisthorpe from the Chair of SC Conference Committee stated,

“as usual your highly professional technique set the benchmark for the conference and provided our conference delegates with an excellent framework and firm understanding of the Supply Chain and of course how to best measure success. Having someone of your experience and knowledge ensured that we achieved our objectives of exposing delegates to the “best” in their field. Feedback from all those in attendance was highly complimentary of your presentation style and content.”

And at a recent Akolade event, they said that

“Stephen was a lively addition to the event as the MC for the day and facilitation two panel sessions. They received great feedback regarding Stephen’s involvement and would very much look forward to having him involved in the near future.”

Stephen was the first non-academic to win the International Journal of Logistics Management Best Paper Award, previously it was won by Professors.  Stephen’s collaborative learning saw the development of a leading model to define world class supply chain management.

With past and present clients that include Dyson, DuluxGroup, Univ of NSW, Unilever, 3M, Toyota, Kodak, and BP, Stephens’ success and achievements are well known throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA.

Stephen is an organisational developer and leadership companion. As part of the global network of MIRA Companions for Development, Stephen coaches a number of CEO’s focusing on “Delivering and Defining Strategic Aims and Your Development Needs Together Continuously.” Stephens unique ontological approach is in high demand, from Australia through Europe and USA, advising and coaching leading CEO’s and organisations.

I have worked with Stephen over the past 4 years in the pursuit of good to great. The focus has been creating a values based organisation that thrives on involving our people. The health of internal relationships has been reviewed and interface conversations implemented to ensure relationships are healthy and always developing across the business – Recommend him highly.

Lance Deacon

Joint Managing Director, Dyson Group of Companies

From me to we

Design and build
collaborative workplaces.

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For Individuals

Development based coaching is at the core of what I do, working with a holistic view of the human being who thinks [head], feels [heart] and takes action [hands]. Deploying discretionary effort is core.


For Teams

High performing teams have high trust levels - developing and nurturing this trust is what I can assist you with. Everybody wins in this environment. It creates an upward spiral of performance.


For Organisations

Working actively with power and trust I can assist you to create the lived culture that you desire.


Across Organisations

Blameless Review - incorporate Spring Cleans and Interface conversations.